This is my third attempt at commenting, but I’m determined! Short story, our dog Gracie had a very serious infection that needed 24 hour observation. This clinic is not staffed for such, but offered to have an employee named Kaylee (sp?) stay over night with our Gracie for an extra, but reasonable fee. We agreed, and are so happy with this clinic! Option 2 would have been to have our Gracie spend the night at our only emergency clinic at a whopping $3-4,000 per night! That’s not a typo, so happy we never faced the gouging of the other clinic.
Thankfully, Brent and Levilie Smith.
While visiting with family at Big White my Boston/Rat terrier was in a skirmish with two other dogs. One of Samurai’s large pointy ears got torn at the tip and wasn’t healing well.

I am extremely grateful Dr. Sidhu agreed to help Samurai on a moment’s notice.
Generally, Samurai is very fearful of visits to the vet, but Dr. Sidhu and the staff at Spall and Harvey Animal Hospital immediately put Samurai at ease, mended his ear and sent him on his way clearly a much happier pup.
Thank You! I highly recommend this Animal Hospital.
As luck or the universe would have it, I needed a vet clinic that was open late. Lo and behold Spall and Harvey clinic was the only one. I phoned right away and got in quickly. All the staff were courteous and compassionate, which made me feel at ease. I was a wreck leaving Freya, my beloved feline daughter behind for a few nights. But I was assured she would be well taken care of, and that indeed, she was. I enjoyed my talks with the girls, Kaylee and Haille, who pampered Freya. I also loved the atmosphere and relaxed state of the clinic. Dr. Karan was the first doctor I got to see, he told me the facts and as sad as it was for me, there was light at the end of this dark tunnel. He was wonderful and answered all my questions with realistic answers. Then there was Dr. Karanveer, I immediately loved his presence and hung onto his every word and instruction. Fast forward a few days later, with Freya back home and on the road to recovery, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have taken care of my Freya. Thank you everyone, you have blessed my heart with your quick actions and love for my fur baby. I am forever grateful! ❤️ It was a wonderful birthday present!
This vet hospital is amazing! I highly recommend this place. 🙂
I have been to several vets in Kelowna due to Meekah's severe health issues. Meekah has stomatitis and diabetes. Meekah's stomatitis was so severe and in pain,(from a botched dental surgery) the vet said there was nothing else they could do.

So that is what brought me to Spall and Havery, I wanted a second opinion.
They were so caring and saw how upset I was and you can see that they really wanted to help. And they did. Meekah recovered and was living a good life until recently. His diabetes did go into remission but recently it has come back.

Recently, Meekah crashed after been given insulin. I was so panicked on what to do. I had a bad experience with Fairfield so I ran to the vet with Meekah in my arms to Spall and Havery. When I got there, two amazing vet assistants came to Meekah's rescue. They were amazing! The one girl took Meekah into the back and the other brought me a glass of water and helped me calm down. 🙂

Dr. BarinderPal Sidhu leaped into action and revived him. He was so kind to us. Both BarinderPal Sidhu and Dr. Harsh Joshi never make you feel rushed and always take the time to talk to you, explain what is going on and discuss options on how to treat. I am so grateful for these two gentlemen. I trust them with my beloved pets.
My little Dee Dee passed away this morning. The doctor and his assistant at Spall Animal Hospital were incredibly kind, thoughtful, and supportive. I am so thankful in her last moments she was assisted by this team.
My dogs are well taken care of at Apline. Down to earth Vet that has a big heart. I appreciate all you guys and will continue to recommend your services. Deep down my dogs Love you!
Finally, after years of having bad feeling’s about the Veteranian Clinic’c here in Kelowna, I finally found home and a family to take care of my sweet, little 5 lb poodle! I agree with Jamie A, the veterinarians in Kelowna “take opportunity to run up your bill!” Our pets are our family and will do anything for them. I believe some veterinarians here, take advantage of that!

I was referred to Spall & Harvey Animal Clinic from a gal, while out walking my dog. The God’s were looking out for me! I had an appt the next day, and Wala, problem taken care of! I walked into their exceptionally clean, absolutely beautiful clinic and was greeted by wonderful, thoughtful front end staff! Without having to wait for a long period of time, as I’m used to, I was ushered into a spotless room and met Dr. JoshI! I can’t say enough about how wonderful he is! He diagnosed and took my little “Girl” within minutes. It was a fairly extensive operation. I was cringing at what I would be charged, but was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it was! It was a pleasure to pay the bill, as finally Dr. Joshi solved the problem! Mommy felt so much better!

Thanks to all staff and especially Dr. Joshi!
Every time my family is out of town we take our anxious kitty to stay at Spall and Harvey, the team is absolutely wonderful with her and she now loves going to the vet! They also care for my Saint Bernese and other beloved pets, I always feel like my pets well-being and comfort is their priority. Absolutely love them and highly recommend!
Took my elderly dog in recently for a wellness check and major dental. The staff and Drs were all great. They kept me updated and took great care of my dog. Definitely recommend.


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