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When You Should Take Your Pet to an Emergency Pet Hospital

Golden retriever being treated at emergency pet hospital

Unfortunately, our pets don’t speak the same language as us, so when they’re hurting it can be difficult to tell the cause. However, there are key signs your pet will exhibit that indicate when they need to be taken to an emergency pet hospital.

Below are a few of the main ones to watch out for that shouldn’t be ignored.

Your Dog or Cat Is Vomiting

Obviously, cats regularly cough up hairballs, and dogs occasionally throw up from eating something in yards that they shouldn’t, but if they continue to throw up it could be a sign of something more severe.

For example, they might’ve eaten something toxic or are experiencing serious gastrointestinal problems that need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Your Pet Swallowed Something Toxic

We are fortunate in that we can eat a lot of different kinds of foods often without having to worry about their effects on our bodies, but our pets aren’t so fortunate.

If your pet swallows any of the following it’s time to rush them to an emergency pet hospital:

  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Chemical pest killers like ant or rat poison
  • Azaleas and rhododendrons

Dog suffering from limp that needs to be taken to an emergency pet hospital

Your Pet Is in Visible Pain

Serious wounds are obviously a sign that your pet needs to go to a vet hospital, but there are other clear signs they could need a visit as well.

For instance, if they have a limp that persists or are vocalizing their pain and don’t want to move those are both often signs that they are experiencing some kind of injury that needs to be treated.

Your Pet Has Cloudy or Red Eyes

One aspect of taking care of your pet that may be easy to overlook is checking your pet’s eyes. They typically won’t have as many irregular or noticeable changes in their behaviour as other injuries or health issues on this list but they are no less important.

If your pet has cloudy or red eyes could mean they have an infection or injury. While it’s unlikely to be life-threatening, it could be hampering their vision and cause future blindness or eyesight problems. It’s still worth a visit to your local veterinarian to get them checked out.

Your Pet Isn’t Eating

If your dog or cat isn’t eating it’s not necessarily an immediate sign that they have any serious issues. However, like vomiting, if their habit continues it could be indicative of greater health concerns like gastrointestinal problems that may need to be treated by a pet hospital.

Overall, if you’re ever unsure if your pet needs to be taken to an animal hospital, call one. The veterinarians there can give you an idea if it’s serious or not. However, if it’s clear your pet is in pain, it’s never a bad idea to take them to a pet hospital as soon as possible.



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