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Microchipping Your Dog: Everything You Need to Know 

A pet is more than just an animal; it’s a beloved member of your family. As pet owners, our worst nightmare is our furry friends getting lost. This is where microchipping plays a pivotal role. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about microchipping your dog. 


What Does a Microchip Do to a Pet? 

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A microchip is a tiny device, roughly the size of a grain of rice, that contains a unique identification number. When a lost pet is found and taken to a vet or an animal shelter, a special scanner reads this number, which is then checked against a database. This helps reunite the pet with its owner. It’s a simple yet highly effective way of ensuring your pet’s safety. 


How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Dog? 

Microchip dog cost can vary depending on the brand, the location, and the veterinarian you choose. On average, the cost can range from $25 to $75. It’s a small price to pay for the invaluable peace of mind it provides.  


What is the Best Age to Microchip a Dog? 

Dogs can be microchipped at any age. However, many vets recommend doing it at the same time as the first vaccination, typically around 7-8 weeks old. 


Can I Track My Pet with a Microchip? 

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A common misconception about the dog chip is that it works like a GPS device. The microchip provides a unique ID number, but it won’t give you the live location of your pet. For GPS tracking, you’d need to invest in a separate GPS collar. 


Is it a Legal Requirement to Have a Pet Microchipped in Canada? 

In many parts of Canada, it is legally required to microchip pets. For instance, if you’re planning on getting a dog license in Vancouver, having your pet microchipped is one of the prerequisites. 

In Canada, pet owners are often encouraged to adhere to specific legal requirements to ensure the safety and identification of their pets. Firstly, they must provide two distinct forms of identification for their animals. One common method is to have a collar and tag securely placed on their pet, which should prominently display the owner’s home phone number and address, ensuring quick contact if the pet is found. 

Additionally, to account for instances where pets might slip or lose their collars, a form of permanent ID, such as a microchip or tattoo, is highly recommended. This permanent ID serves as an unchangeable marker, making it easier to trace pets back to their owners. Schedule an appointment Kelowna vet to have a microchip implanted or a tattoo applied, solidifying the animal’s identification process. 


How Do I Register My Dog Microchip in Canada? 

Eidap microchips are among the most popular choices for pet owners in Canada. Once your dog has been microchipped, it’s essential to register the unique ID number with a pet registry. The BC pet registry or pet registry bc is a reliable choice for residents in British Columbia. However, always refer to the instructions provided by your vet. 


Are There Any Cons to Microchipping Your Dog? 

While microchipping has numerous benefits, some concerns include: 

  • Potential health risks, though rare. 
  • A microchip can migrate from the place it was initially inserted, making it harder to detect. 

Always consult with a trusted veterinarian in Kelowna, such as Spall and Harvey vet, to discuss any concerns. 


How Will a Microchip Help My Dog Get Home? 

If your dog ever gets lost, the microchip acts as a beacon of hope. When someone finds your pet, a quick scan at any animal hospital in Kelowna or an emergency vet in Kelowna will reveal the unique ID. Once identified, the vet can then contact the pet registry BC or whichever registry you’ve chosen, ensuring a happy reunion. 


Is it Painful to Insert the Chip? 

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The process is quick and causes minimal discomfort, much like a vaccination shot. Pet vaccination clinics such as Spall and Harvey will ensure the process is as pain-free as possible for your beloved pet. 


Microchipping at Spall and Harvey Animal Hospital 

At Spall and Harvey Animal Hospital, we prioritize your pet’s health and well-being. As one of the leading vets in Kelowna our team is dedicated to providing top-notch care. Whether you’re looking for microchipping in Kelowna, or any other pet health concerns, we’re here to help.